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Lawn Mowing Service South Lauderdale Beach

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There are some yard maintenance companies in South Lauderdale Beach that have emerged, with the provision of lawn services as their core business. It is when we talk of the services provided by these firms, then, that we make reference to ‘professional lawn services.’ Before the emergence of these firms, people keen on establishing their lawns would have had to do so on their own, or with the help of unspecialized laborers. But the emergence of these firms has professionalized lawn management: so that we now have specialists one can run to, when they are keen on establishing a lawn, and see to it that the grassland gets properly established.

The professional lawn services in South Lauderdale Beach fall into quite a wide range. Most of the firms in this business niche will, for one, offer lawn preparation services as one of their products. This is about preparing the area where the grassland is to be established for that purpose. Some are very daring, saying that provided you that you are ready to facilitate their operations (mostly financially), they can turn virtually any sort of a place into a lawn. In case the place you are looking to establish the lawn is a virgin ground, the grassland services company professionals will go about breaking it up in readiness for the accommodation of lawn vegetation later. In case it is a rocky place, or simply a concrete slab, the lawn service company may decide to ‘import’ soil from some other place, and put it there to create a grassland-conducive environment.

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Tending To Your Lawn In The Fall

When the air starts to cool down and you start to enjoy hot tea instead of ice tea you know it is time to start thinking about fall lawn care. Fall lawn maintenance is important to keep your lawn growing healthy year round. When you properly mow, fertilize, water and seed in the fall your lawn will be a glowing indication in the spring when the air transitions from crisp back to balmy. This article will give you fall lawn care tips to take you through the season and prepare your lawn for the fall and winter seasons.

Mowing is essential to keeping the exterior of your home looking its best. The curb appeal of your home is what sets your home apart from the rest of the homes in the area. You want people to drive by and be inspired and in awe. A healthy fall lawn needs to continue to be cut. Just because the weather is chilly does not mean that you stop mowing the lawn. You will however need to adjust the length in which you cut the lawn.

When the temperatures are hot we tend to leave our lawns a bit longer to avoid burning the grass and root with the heat of the sun’s rays. Once summer comes to an end and the rays of the sun are farther away and less intense it is time to start mowing the lawn to about two inches. Don’t go any shorter than this as you will run the risk of killing the grass.

The grass in the fall naturally stays greener in the fall then the summer even without constant water. This however does not eliminate the need for watering your lawn throughout the fall season. Normally the water levels are naturally higher when the weather turns colder. If however the rainfall is less than an inch a week you will want to go back to watering your lawn with the sprinkler. Water is needed to keep your fall lawn lush and full.

The next area we will look at is fertilizing the lawn. This process should be done in late fall perhaps the perfect time would be the end of September through the middle of October. When you fertilize your lawn it is better suited to handle the harsh winter weather and become a healthy lawn quicker in the spring. Fertilizer gives the lawn a high nitrogen content that will help achieve all of this for your lawn.

You will want to fill in any areas of grass that have thinned throughout the summer by adding seed that will help to fill in bare spots and make the lawn more lush in the spring. The temperatures and rain fall levels in fall are usually ideal for the seeds to germinate. There are two schools of thought with fall planting. One is to plant the seed in September so that it is able to germinate for this year the other is to plant it in mid October when it will stay dormant and establish itself when the spring season comes around. In late fall birds and seed eating critters are less likely to steal the seed allowing a greater chance for more seeds to become viable.

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Proper Way To Aerate Your Lawn

Ever wondered why your neighbor’s lawn is much healthier and greener than yours? Perhaps they have an expert gardener taking care of their lawn or they have a secret formula that enhances the growth and health of the grass in their lawn. No matter what the reason may be, basically a beautiful and healthy lawn is the result of proper care and nourishment of your lawn. Aside from watering our lawn in order to keep it healthy, aeration is the other way of keeping our grass healthy.

Water is what our grass need as their basic food in order to grow healthy and stronger. A thoroughly watered lawn will eventually result into a green and luscious one as it helps in improving the health of the root thus making it stronger and healthier.

Aerating your lawn is done in order to encourage the growth of the grass by creating oxygen flow to the soil thus killing weeds. Most of the time, aeration is done during the fall which is done to promote the growth of newly sown grass by allowing air and water to freely flow inside the holes. This also helps the grass to fully absorb the nutrients it needs in order to grow healthy. The new grass blades benefits a lot from aeration as their growth is enhanced a lot by the free flowing of air in the soil thus improving the quality of the grass in your lawn.

The proper time to aerate your lawn is when the soil is hard and punching a hole is somehow hard to do. You can use your pitchfork to poke the soil or you can use an aerator to make the process much easier. If you don’t have an aerator you can rent them through your local garden stores as you will only be aerating once or twice a year. Be careful though when punching holes to the ground as to avoid hitting pipes to avoid causing problems. In order to be sure that you won’t hit any of the pipes, marking their route is probably the best thing to do. Doing this ensures you end up improving the soil by giving it nutrients, oxygen, and worms. These three play an essential role in keeping your lawn healthy as nutrients and oxygen helps a lot in producing healthy grass while worms adds in the aeration process as they also make holes and soil movement and that you won’t be hitting anything placed below unless you overlooked something. Make sure that you thoroughly made holes in all the spots of your lawn.

Always make sure every time you aerate that you followed the right depth required when poking holes to the ground. When aerating, make holes as deep as you can but make sure that they have a good spacing. Aerating lawns has many benefits that are important when maintaining your lawn. Although aeration is often deemed as a simple and one or twice a month activity, it includes some of the most important benefits every gardener should know.

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