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Many people maintain their yards themselves, but at great cost to their leisure time. Others choose to use a local yard service in Fort Lauderdale so that they can have the perfect yard and still have time for fun activities. Of course, if yard work is a special hobby of yours, you might do it yourself. Still, there may be some services you will not choose to do on your own. Certain maintenance chores require special chemicals that you may not wish to handle.

Yard services range from routine mowing and trimming to detailed maintenance such as insect control, weed elimination, and lawn feeding. These are required in order to have a beautiful green carpet of grass. Landscaping is also a service that is often performed. This task usually requires skilled service from professionals who have gone to school to learn certain techniques.

Routine services include, among other things, mowing to keep your grass at a uniform height. Though a young person in the neighborhood might offer to do it for you for a price, they may not always be as meticulous at keeping a uniform height and trimming around trees, flower beds and shrubbery. Also, the pattern that is followed in mowing can impact the look as well. Professionals will be aware of that and proceed accordingly.

Pest and weed control is another area where you might seek the services of a professional. They have access to chemicals that you might not be able to obtain. Also, if you want to go organic, they have the means to do that as well. Hours can be consumed in maintaining a beautiful lawn, and you might not want to spend the time. A dedicated service can spend the hours it takes because that is their job.

Landscaping chores are best done by a professional. They are aware of what it takes to keep your yard looking good year round. Professionals can keep both plants and grass healthy year round because they understand the needs of each. Mulching and leaf removal should both be done at appropriate times. The professional will understand these needs.

If you need help with lawn maintenance professionals are available to help you in whatever capacity you need. You can opt for full services or for only those you choose not to do yourself. Whatever degree of help you need, they are available to lend assistance. It may be worth the expense to keep your yard looking beautiful.

Green with envy… or is that Algae?

Uncontrolled Algae growth is a common nuisance, in water features and ponds, and it’s not welcome anywhere it appears. Few methods of treatment are as effective and safe as GreenCleanPRO. This algaecide comes in a granular form that is used to treat plank-tonic and filamentous algae on contact. Algae treated with this product will begin to show signs of damage in as little as one minute and will die within hours. But despite its potency this product is safe enough to use in for, gardens, fountains, ornamental waterfalls, as well as ponds and lakes with sensitive fish (i.e. Kio.)

GreenCleanPRO is one of a few non-copper based algaecides currently on the market. This product is a broad-spectrum algaecide that is absorbed through contact. This algaecide is designed to be used in lakes, ponds, and other large bodies of water. But it can also be used to remove algae from non-painted surfaces such as benches, docks, and walkways as well.

The active ingredient in this algaecide is Sodium Carbonate Peroxyhydrate. More commonly know as percarbonate. Percarbonate works as a powerful algaecide yet it poses no know environmental threat. Percarbonate works through a powerful oxidation reaction. The per-oxygen chemistry in this product reacts with natural elements of surface waters, creating hydroxyl free radicals. Hydroxyl free radicals are oxidizers that destroy cell membranes of algae, chlorophyll and unsaturated fatty acids, thereby providing almost immediate control of algae.

Main Benefits of using GreenCleanPRO:

• Initial results are visible in as little as one minute after application.
• This product is completely biodegradable and has no long lasting effects on the water it was used in.
• No Restrictions Waters can be used without interruption after treatment.
• No Resistance Oxidizes algae on contact, no time for tolerance build up to occur.
• Releases Oxygen there by adding bio-available Oxygen – effects last for several hours.

When it is used at the recommended levels, GreenCleanPRO does not harm fish (including trout & koi), plants, or other aquatic life. In fact studies have shown that when applied at nearly twice the maximum recommended levels this product caused no harm to fish. (It took almost three times the recommended amount to case any harm to fish.)

When using this product make sure that you were safety goggles; because of how this chemical works it can do great damage to your eyes. Additionally make sure to follow the directions for application and safety with this and all chemicals.

Other Yard Services You Should Be Aware Of.

Helpful Hints for Healthier Lawns

When it comes to keeping your lawn or garden healthy, GrassCycling, also known as mulching, is your ticket to success.  Mulching mowers, essentially allow freshly cut grass to decompose back into the soil, providing your lawn with the nutrients it needs, at no additional cost to you.  It’s the environmentally friendly way to economically maintain your green space.  Forget the expensive lawn and garden equipment; instead, adhere to these easy steps and watch your lawn or garden prosper.

The first thing to consider, regardless of which lawnmower you use, is the cutting process. Not all lawnmowers are equipped to treat your garden with the care and attention it deserves, so it’s vital to consider the minor details of lawn cutting. Above all else, a key element of GrassCycling is the need to mow more and cut less. Whilst it’s easy to fall into the trap of using your mower as part of a routine once a week, grass should only be cut as and when it is required. During the active season, a cut once every 5 days is a good estimate – but, generally, there can be a great deal of fluctuation in the rate at which your grass grows. This reduces the stress on the lawn and, whilst keeping grass at a manageable length, reduced cutting doesn’t stimulate growth – ideal for keeping the lawn neat and tidy. Excessive cutting, in truth, will only make the grass grow back twice as fast – and twice as high – whilst actively damaging the roots beneath the surface.

Another great rule of thumb is that grass should be cut with a lawn mower in such a way that only a third of the length is removed in any one mowing. Whilst this is great advice for lawn maintenance generally, the process of mulching depends on the fact that trimmings left on the lawn are small and light, easily able to decompose. It’s in this process of decomposition that vital nutrients and waters are released back into the soil, effectively compensating for the inherent damage that cutting grass creates. To this end, a product like Robomow will not only trim the lawn by the optimum amount, but also ensure that trimmings are repeatedly cut before being distributed across the grass surface. Using a mower specifically designed for GrassCycling is not the only option, but by far the easiest and most effective.

As well as length, the old rule that grass must be cut dry is of particular significance. Whilst modern lawn mowers are fitted with blades sharp enough to tear through damp leaves, these loose blades of grass are likely to cling to the blades, causing ragged cuts on the lawn surface. What’s more, these larger, sticky lumps of clippings will linger on your garden for much longer – not only are they unattractive, but also their decomposing matter won’t effectively filter down to the soil, where those nutrients are most needed. Mulching requires the even distribution of clippings across the entire garden surface to deliver the best results, and wet grass will almost certainly be unevenly spread.

Whilst it’s fairly obvious that no lawn will thrive under intense heat, it’s a little known fact that using your garden lawnmower late in the day is far less stressful for the grass – and more likely to encourage your lawn to thrive. Also, as part of GrassCycling, this ensures that clippings aren’t left for hours on end to burn. Under the heat of the day, even cut grass will continue its chemical processes, using up all the goodness that should be released back into the ground.

Of course, GrassCycling is an ideal form of fertilisation, but you should always remember that this only makes up about a quarter of your lawn’s requirement. Store-bought fertilizers come in three basic types – synthetic quick-release, natural or organic slow-release, and a slow-release hybrid form that contains both synthetic and natural ingredients. Given that your goal isn’t to encourage rapid growth but, rather, to stimulate small amounts of controlled growth, you should be looking to use a combination of fast acting fertilizers such as ammonium nitrate, alongside slow-release nitrogen sources such as sulfur-coated urea. These chemicals complement the natural nutrients that mulching injects back into the soil, ensuring that your lawn growth is controlled – a healthy, even lawn that is easily manageable with a GrassCycling mower.

Ultimately, GrassCycling is a revolution in lawn management that will undoubtedly improve the quality of your lawn – but by following these easy guidelines, you can establish the best working environment for your mower. Providing that you’re able to complement the power of GrassCycling with some additional care and fertilization, you can be sure that your lawn will look great for years to come.

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