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Many people maintain their yards themselves, but at great cost to their leisure time. Others choose to use a local yard service in Fort Lauderdale so that they can have the perfect yard and still have time for fun activities. Of course, if yard work is a special hobby of yours, you might do it yourself. Still, there may be some services you will not choose to do on your own. Certain maintenance chores require special chemicals that you may not wish to handle.

Yard services range from routine mowing and trimming to detailed maintenance such as insect control, weed elimination, and lawn feeding. These are required in order to have a beautiful green carpet of grass. Landscaping is also a service that is often performed. This task usually requires skilled service from professionals who have gone to school to learn certain techniques.

Routine services include, among other things, mowing to keep your grass at a uniform height. Though a young person in the neighborhood might offer to do it for you for a price, they may not always be as meticulous at keeping a uniform height and trimming around trees, flower beds and shrubbery. Also, the pattern that is followed in mowing can impact the look as well. Professionals will be aware of that and proceed accordingly.

Pest and weed control is another area where you might seek the services of a professional. They have access to chemicals that you might not be able to obtain. Also, if you want to go organic, they have the means to do that as well. Hours can be consumed in maintaining a beautiful lawn, and you might not want to spend the time. A dedicated service can spend the hours it takes because that is their job.

Landscaping chores are best done by a professional. They are aware of what it takes to keep your yard looking good year round. Professionals can keep both plants and grass healthy year round because they understand the needs of each. Mulching and leaf removal should both be done at appropriate times. The professional will understand these needs.

If you need help with lawn maintenance professionals are available to help you in whatever capacity you need. You can opt for full services or for only those you choose not to do yourself. Whatever degree of help you need, they are available to lend assistance. It may be worth the expense to keep your yard looking beautiful.

Lawn Care – Causes Of An Unhealthy Lawn

A healthy lawn is thick and green, lush and so inviting. But neglect or poor care for your lawn will leave it prone to weeds, diseases, or damaging insects. So do not take your lawn for granted. Be aware of the common causes of an unhealthy lawn and try your best to avoid them or do something about them:

Mowing Too Low

Perhaps the most common mistake in lawn care is mowing too low. As a general rule, you must not cut off more than one third of grass blades in a single mowing. Otherwise, you could easily end up with a bald lawn, as mowing too low stunts growth, increases the insect population, and often results in an unhealthy lawn.

Overusing Sprinklers

Many people do not realize that overwatering could be as damaging as not sufficiently watering the lawn. Sprinkles are designed and installed to provide lawns with some necessary moisture when there’s little rain for quite a while.

When you still use your sprinklers regularly regardless of the weather, you’ll most likely drown the grass. Also, you are wasting valuable water.

Doing the Right Tasks at the Wrong Time of Year

With regards to maintaining a lawn, there are many important tasks to take on. Most homeowners are aware of such but do not realize that most of those essential lawn care jobs are time sensitive. Some tasks must only be carried out at specific periods of the year. In terms of aeration, weed control, and fertilizing, the right timing is everything.

Applying Too Much Fertilizer

Fertilizing is certainly an essential aspect of lawn care. But it is not something to be done excessively. More fertilizer does not mean healthier grass. In fact, a lawn could dies is it receives too much fertilizer. Many kinds of fertilizers have nitrogen, and too much of this element results in burnt grass. So, it’s important to read the labels on fertilizer bags, and only apply the recommended amount. It is also important to take note that if your fertilizer spreader is set improperly or it is broken, you could easily end up supplying more than what your lawn needs.

Planting the Wrong Seeds

Planting the wrong seeds means not getting and enjoying a healthy lawn. It’s that simple. Surprisingly, this is a common mistake among homeowners, and it is a mistake which makes people wondering why their grass is not growing as they expect it to be. There are specific kinds of seeds available in the market for any type of climate. When choosing, pick the one that will best fit the weather and climate in your region.

The Soil

If you have read through this write-up and still cannot figure out why your beautiful lawn has become ugly and unhealthy, the problem might be in the soil. Do not think that just because your next door neighbour have a healthy soil that you also do. Also, never assume that you could solve such problem without some help from an expert. Get the soil tested.

Other Yard Services You Should Be Aware Of.

Keep Your Garden Look Good With Lawn Maintenance Services

The lawn outside your home requires regular care and maintenance to keep it look the best irrespective of the changing seasons. The change in the weather conditions has different affects on your lawn that may begin to look shabby or look the best to envy your neighbors. So, it is in your hands to keep your garden in up-to-the-mark condition to be ready for all types of weather conditions.

Every season requires different types of care and needs to be identified at the right time so that you can take the necessary steps. Suppose, the growth of the grass is fast in the spring season so you require mowing twice a week whereas in the late spring, you need to water the ground until it is moist at least six inches deep.

While considering the busy schedules and lack of knowledge related to maintaining your garden, you can take the help of professional lawn care service providers who will do the needful depending on the condition of your garden.

There are many lawn maintenance companies in the United States that provides supreme lawn care services at reasonable prices. You can use Internet to find a company that is ready to provide you free estimates for one-time, monthly and annual service packages to provide you peace of mind all-the-year-round. The prices are majorly based on the size and the condition of the lawn.

So, tell them about your preferences and requirements and enjoy the customized lawn maintenance packages at attractive prices without worrying about changing seasons and temperatures.

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